Warum wir Content Marketing & Native Advertising entwickeln müssen

Es ist derzeit so einfach, sich über Native Advertising und Content Marketing lustig zu machen. Halb- und Komplett-Experten, wie damals, als Social Media so langsam aber sicher in Deutschland zum Mainstream wurde, pflastern die W&V und andere “Werber berichten über Werber, um die Wichtigkeit von Werbung zu unterstreichen”-Medien mit steilsten Thesen voll, insbesondere darüber, warum es keiner, außer der gerade sprechende Halb- oder Komplett-Experte, wirklich richtig und richtig gut machen kann.


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Archive (11/2015): The target group of 14-49 on TV

The last article published on my old blog, from November 2015, I wanted to keep on the new one, too:

I receive a daily email with German TV ratings every morning (newsletter and all screenshots are from meedia). The ratings show “market share” and overall audience. To get the “advertising relevant” target group of 14 to 49 yo, you have to go to the website and dig a little deeper. Seeing these numbers every day, besides getting the feeling that the overall audience has been decreasing very slowly, but steadily over the last decade, the impression grew that a) 14-49 year olds (what an oddly big target group) don’t watch a lot of TV anymore and b) they watch different things from “the overall audience”. Continue reading

Archive (6/2015): First Look: Tinder Advertising

I guess we will see more of this, that’s why I wanted to keep that article from my old blog in June 2015 alive here, too.

Tinder and its radically easy UI have shaken up the industry. Hardly any meeting or slide deck where Tinder is not mentioned for breaking into an existing, saturated market by fully leveraging mobile and social (it only works with a Facebook login, you can add Instagram to your profile), The desktop site is nothing but an advertisement to download the app and the place where blog, support and contact are stored.

Consumer-useless (because unnecessary) desktop site

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Archiv (7/2015): Warum Facebooks “Identity Management” mit Social Logins noch immer unterschätzt ist

Ein Beitrag, der noch in meinem alten Blog im Juli 2015 erschien, und den ich hierhin rüberretten wollte:

Mittlerweile haben wir alle verstanden, dass der “mobile shift” viel mehr ändert als nur die Darstellungsform von Inhalten oder die Verkrüppelung von Display Advertising, und das habe ich in diesem Blog auch an diversen Stellen zu beschreiben versucht (10/2012,6/2013, 9/2013, 4/2014, 11/2014, 12/2014, 2/2015). Continue reading

Archive (2/2015): Why managers need a new CMS more than their editors

One year ago, and more and more today, I create strategies, just to learn that their implementation will require a new CMS, making the whole thing an infrastructure project, too. I published this on February 2015 on my old blog because I felt the need to explain why not only editors, but even more so (media&marketing) managers should have a vested interest in their CMS. Continue reading