About this blog

It is 2016, and according to my own theory of digital media, I should be thinking of abandoning a “digital destination” and only work with “distributed content” that meets its audience with LinkedIn posts, Facebook notes, posts on Medium or wherever. This blog is more or less the full archive of stuff I publish (while the microblog I run is basically a commented linklist – stuff that I read).

Also, this blog may seam terribly empty for quite some time. The reason is that I abandoned blogger for its lack of mobile features. But older stuff I have published can be found there: Technology is our friend, version 1, 2010-2015. And what I said there in 2010 about why I am doing all this remains as true today:

This blog is about my work as a strategy consultant and professional speaker whose main expertise is the digitization of our world, especially of economic processes, business mechanics, content distribution and methods of communication and marketing. I want to share some presentations, links, thoughts and theories, although I am not at liberty to publish most of my work due to client confidentiality. This blog features longer pieces and is updated only a few times per month at best. For more but shorter stuff please read my microblog (link in the main navigation on top). Just like my work and clients, this blog will feature German and English content. Feel free to contact me.