Live Streaming is mobile & in-feed now

You probably all know this video of the evolution of the desk from the 80s until today (from Best Reviews), how everything disappears and is replaced by a little phone in 2014. You can add a full TV truck now.



When Mark Zuckerberg streamed a little behind the scenes video (admittedly to 52 million followers), from a simple mobile phone, using simple internet infrastructure, and a “simple” social network to distribute, nearly 150.000 viewers tuned in live.


(Image taken from Gowry’s post here). 20 hours later, the video has close to 3 million views. This we see as normal, but reaching 150k concurrent users in a live stream used to require not only a lot of promotion etc., but also an expensive, complicated infrastructure. It won’t take long that with the next crisis in some remote area of the world, maybe some news organization will send a guy with an iPhone instead of a TV truck.

Edit: Here we go with Sky News


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