Media Business Canvas

Right after Alexander Osterwalder invented the business model canvas (great resource provided by him here), it was used in almost every workshop I participated in. As useful (and genious) it is as a tool, in many cases the business model canvas was too generic for the specific client industry, and many workshop participants could not transfer the idea into their area of expertise, hence leading to discussions about how to understand this or that part of the canvas in our specific context and so on.

As I work a lot with media, or with companies that increasingly behave like media, I somewhen developed a “Media Business Canvas” – and since an appropriate of time has passed since I last used this in a workshop, I think it is fair enough to share this with the rest of the world .-)

Media Business Canvas

The left area focuses on content, the right on monetization, and I think it is best used when you plan a complete overhaul of a media entity or (better) develop a media business from scratch. Especially when you have breakout groups in a workshop preparing a concept after brainstorming potential new products, it has proven to be pretty useful to unify the type of presentations that are developed, and also to re-evaluate brainstorming ideas and test their validity. I am glad to get comments where it can be optimized. I also uploaded a version of it on slideshare, can be downloaded as PDF: 

If you use it in a workshop or meeting, tell me how it worked out!





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