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“Humans kill more people” is not enough

After Uber's self driving car fatal accident, I want to share three observations - the last being by far most important - that in my opinion are missing or under-valued (besides, which is worrying, compassion for Elaine Herzberg's family and friends). 1) It's not business news When the news broke - see the link to … Continue reading “Humans kill more people” is not enough

Three Strategic Options for Digital Media

After the impact of mobile/social/video and the dominance of algorithmic superplatforms Facebook and Google, it has become obvious that technology will be the single most impactful source of competitive advantage for any digital media company, be it a traditional media outlet or a publishing startup. I see three major strategic options to start out in this field: become a content, a data or a full technology company.

Vortrag Messenger

Ich gebe ja ab und zu Vorträge. Aber Streams davon gibt es relativ selten, deswegen möchte ich diesen hier gern teilen - beim IBC (Internet Business Cluster der Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) in den Räumen von ProSiebenSat.1 SE in München. Es geht um Messenger, ihre Einordnung als Tool zum Management von "private micro-networks" in Abgrenzung zu den … Continue reading Vortrag Messenger

Why less user generated content on Facebook is a not such a big deal

Apparently, Facebook users are sharing less personal content - Inc. calls it "original broadcast sharing": Content that consists of users' own words, pictures, videos. From 2014 to 2015, this type of content share apparently declined by staggering 21 percent and contributed to an overall sharing decline of over 5%. The headlines all impy that Facebook … Continue reading Why less user generated content on Facebook is a not such a big deal