Archive (11/2013): Why identity management will be one key to success in digital

One of the “most liked” articles that I published on my old blog, this one in November 2013. The narrative of the mobile revolution was set, but most clients thought that adding “make our stuff responsive” to any agency briefing would do the job. I tried to shoe the deeper implications of the mobile shift in many posts, this one focusing on identity management. I think it is as relevant today as it was in 2013. Continue reading

Archive (10/2011): Growing your fanpage through “passive sharing”

This did not take off at all, and my post, published in October 2011 on my old blog, was way too optimistic. But at least it survived for some services like Spotify or Runtastic.

For small Facebook fanpages, I still believe that Facebook Ads is the best way to grow their user base. But for bigger sites that grow by a three- or even four-digit-number of fans daily, ads are not really useful from a cost/effect-perspective when it comes to accelerating this growth. Continue reading